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It all started on a warm, humid, summer day, as usual. After finishing our work, we sat down to talk to my friends in the shade of an oak tree. We had only listened to the rustling of the trees for a while, when I suddenly broke the silence, "guys I'm making a wooden bike," and they burst out laughing, saying I'm not normal - as a carpenter, you knew how challenging such a project was. Guided by this unexpected idea, the idea for the Satti Wood Bike was born.  


Who am I? 


I am an obsessed carpenter who fell in love with working wood in his 20s. So I has spent 20 years with this very beautiful profession.


Since 2003, I have set up my own carpentry workshop as an entrepreneur.

What captured me in furniture making? The hunger of fantasy. From the design of a piece of furniture to the execution, it takes an amazing imagination to complete the whole process.

The wooden bike, on the other hand, represents a whole different level from my other carpentry work, so to speak, the queen among them. If I take an example of a terribly complicated piece of furniture, say a bakery piece of furniture that requires everything from a large curved glass to anything a carpenter can imagine, it’s a hundred times easier to make than a Satti Wood Bike. Whether we look at its complexity or how much expertise it takes to implement it.


 It is precisely this challenge that has really inspired me to create it. To embark on an unfamiliar path where I discover the necessary steps myself and if I move in the right direction, I will always get a little closer to the goal.


Of course, there were mistakes in the beginning, it didn't work out for the first time, but it only made me even more committed. I’ve always loved cutting big axes, expanding my professional knowledge, training myself extensively, and trying out new technologies.



It took 2 years for the first bike to be born, from design to tree selection to implementation. Progress was, of course, severely limited by the fact that my main focus was on running my already well-known carpentry business, which was recognized many times over. Because of this, I had to completely put aside the wooden bicycle project countless times, and then, from time to time, I took it out again, at night, if I could not sleep, then I dealt with it.


The very first frame was a complete failure, still hanging on the wall of my workshop commemorating the first wing rehearsals. After several modifications to the second frame, version 3 has been put to good use. Since then, we have improved a lot in the construction and we have reached the point where we are the only ones in Hungary who sell custom-made wooden bicycles.



What is our vision? Maybe my deep feelings for the tree tell me that, but I think a premium brand is being born and I’m doing everything I can to make that dream come true.

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