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Why wood?

In addition to the natural beauty of the wood, its durability is also a great advantage. You can even give your Satti Wood Bike, bought at a young age, to your grandchildren so that, like you, they can have beautiful memories while cheerfully eating the kilometers while sitting in the saddle of a bike.


It is guaranteed to become a gift for anyone across generations. Thanks to the appropriate 8-layer surface treatment, it is more resistant to changing weather than its traditional metal-framed versions.


Different types of wood also differ in their stiffness and tensile strength. Properly combined, we can get a flexible and lightweight, yet strong and reliable end result.  


The handcrafted workmanship and workmanship give the bike a special look, light elegance and streamlining. Thanks to the natural properties of wood, it absorbs vibrations perfectly, which creates a quiet and airy feeling in the user.  



We work with high quality, top class, calm and dry, medium hard or hardwood raw materials, we currently use black walnut and ash. Our sample bikes have been born from a mixture of these. The cream color is dominated by ash, while the darker version is dominated by black walnut, but the combination of the two types of wood is only relevant in terms of design.



The frame has an internal cavity, its weight is roughly the same as a traditional bike, but our goal is not to compete with the feather weight of a carbon-framed bike, because a Satti Wood Bike has a soul, it makes it really special and not just us, the creators … Takes a tingle in the soul of every other person, sparkles in his eyes. Contact us and experience it for yourself!



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